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Stationery Love with Kinshipped

Launching in January 2019, Kinshipped offers a curation of sustainable, luxury greeting cards, wrap and stationery. Founded by Kayleigh McCardle and born out of stationery / greeting card fetish, the designs are graphic, chic and fun and the products are completely guilt/plastic free.

I love good quality, stylish, stationery and greetings cards, so when I stumbled across the beautiful Kinshipped designs I knew we had to stock them. Then I found out Kayleigh grew up in Berkshire so it felt like this was meant to be.

I caught up with Kayleigh to find out more about Kinshipped and that stationery fetish.

Where did the idea for Kinshipped come from?

I was never able to find cards, wrap or stationery that fitted my aesthetic and always felt a little embarrassed when gifting off brand with all that was available.

In addition, the amount of plastic in the industry is terrible, so I felt there was space to do something different all round.

Who or what inspires your designs?

Architecture and Interior design. I love it. I follow a lot of architecture practices, interior designers and boutique estate agents.

I want to make things that look nice on the mantle or the kitchen table, but with a serving of fun.

What are you working on at the moment?

Christmas 2022, new gratitude and manifestation journals and our new tapes have just arrived.

What are you listening to in the studio at the moment?

We have a playlist that we add to but we've all got quite eclectic taste. Some days it's Bowie, The Stones, Agnes Obel, and others it's Arlo Parks, Cosha and Kaytranda.

You grew up in Berkshire, where are your favourite local hang outs?

Things have changed a lot since I lived in Berks! I went to school in Reading and pretty sure not many of the same bars etc. exist! Hope soon to book some time at the Thames Lido as I was once a swimmer.

Now I have kids, it's the parks and green spaces (Dinton Pastures, California Country Park) and of course pubs for Sunday Lunch. Wokingham now has an Everyman Cinema which we try and make use when we are at my parents' and they are babysitting! We recently stayed at Heckfield Place (which is just down the road in Hampshire) it was beautiful. I believe they are opening a new spa soon.

How do you like to live well?

We eat vegan at home, vegetarian when eating out and always cook from scratch because I like to control what's going in to our food. We eat a lot of fermented foods and believe in gut health being the centre to wellness.

We started going to bed earlier in the new year, and god what a difference that makes. Just getting more sleep, particularly if you have wakeful children.

I am taking hour long walks at least three times a week at the moment, on my own in the morning, and really enjoying it; I will often listen to a wellness-related podcast on my walk.

It is also really important to me that my home is a restful place; no matter the state of the home, or where we are in our renovation journey. I always invest in scents and flowers for the home (currently burning Palo Santo). I'm in the throws of starting a garden and that's a really exciting journey for me as relates so closely to my wellness in a number of ways.

What do you have your eye on in The Live Well shop at the moment?

I need some serving platters and tableware so the Jules Serve Bowl and Blue Platter . Also getting the garden ready for summer so the gorgeous Madam Stoltz mattresses and Bloomingville recycled throw will look great on our outside sofa and chairs. The Mattresses in particular are fantastic as can go on the grass, or will sit on our black Hay Palissade chairs.

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