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5 Tips for Designing Your Entrance Hall

Often overlooked as the thoroughfare or dumping ground for shoes, coats and bags, an entrance hall makes the first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the home beyond.

I get it. It can be hard to find a balance between functionality and style but with a little thought your entrance hall can actually make mornings less stressful and make coming through the door at the end of the day a calming ritual.

Here are 5 ways to make your entrance part of the home and work for you.

ONE | Create a focal point

A console, sideboard or side table acts as a focal point and anchors the space as a room. It doesn't have to be a big piece of furniture if you are short on space, a small side table or narrow console works perfectly.

When choosing, consider if it can also double up as storage? A place for shoes or bags?

If space isn't an issue a sideboard with cupboards, a console with space underneath for baskets or some custom fitted cabinetry all work wonders on both style and practical levels.

If you have very little room, or just a narrow hall then a console, side table with a drawer or even a shelf will do the job and provide a little bit of surface space for decorative accessories and that all important key bowl.

TWO | Add a rug

Rugs help to zone a space as well as add interest, warmth and depth. I think people sometimes steer clear from a rug in an entrance hall because they think it will get dirty. Unless you never wipe your feet when you come in, then just choose one that works for you on a practical level as well as aesthetically.

A jute or sisal rug is a hardwearing option. A vintage style or geometric can add some interest and colour, depending on your taste.

If you are going for something with colour, I like to choose one that has accents of colours that you will find in the rooms beyond to help connect it.

THREE | Add beautiful storage

If your entrance hall also acts as storage for shoes, coats and bags, then baskets, boxes and hooks are a great way to keep it all tidy. There are so many lovely options out there these days that there really is no excuse for not getting something practical and stylish (no, really there isn't any excuse).

Baskets that can go under a console or by the door for shoes, bags, hats and gloves. Urns for umbrellas. Hooks for coats and bags. I like to use natural baskets that are hardwearing and add warmth and texture to a space and you can get them with or without lids.

FOUR | Light it up

Who doesn't want to come home and be greeted by the soft light of a lamp or a statement pendent if you have height you can play with? I think it is easy to overlook the lighting in an entrance hall, but don't as it can impact how we feel when entering the home and is crucial in setting the tone for the home beyond.

  • A table lamp sets a lovely cosy atmosphere and softens the space helping you feel relaxed as soon as you come through the door. No plug sockets. no problem. There are plenty of good rechargeable options or use an LED magic bulb.

  • A large pendant in an entrance can give an immediate wow factor and feeling of grandeur.

  • Wall lights can be cosy and welcoming and great if you don't have the space for a console or table to pop a lamp on. There are plenty of plug-in wall light options, so you no longer need to worry about hardwiring wall lights in.

  • The flicker of a candle also add a lovely touch and I especially like to light a candle in our entrance when we have guests coming, as it also creates a gorgeous aroma when you enter.

FIVE | Add some accessories

Accessories allow you to add some personality to a space and help you connect the entrance to other rooms in the house. It also helps make it feel like a room and not just that thoroughfare.

A lovely bowl for keys looks great and is really practical (you'll always know where they are!). A vase full of botanicals add shape, interest and depth and if fresh can add a lovely scent. Mirrors are brilliant for adding some light to often the darkest part of our homes, so a mirror over a console or a leaner mirror if you have room really help make the space feel bigger. Pictures and prints can add some colour and personality. Vases and decorative objects can add some shape and interest.

So, there you have it some simple ways to give your entrance some love and make it feel very much part of the home. Let me know if you have any entrance hall questions, I'd love to hear about your specific hall dilemmas.

Images gathered via Pintrest


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