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A Home from Home Working

We were all a little excited at first, working from home. Less travel. More time. A greater balance between work and home. Then it all got a bit…...overwhelming, blurred, hard, fuzzy.

We missed the connection, the banter, the chance to bounce ideas off others and we lost that all important boundary between work and home and decompression time.

So what do we do now?

A new co-working space has just opened in West Berkshire, Good Life Hub. A small boutique co-working community providing a space for individuals and businesses to come together, to connect, and to be inspired. Whether it’s a place to focus, seeing a friendly face, or help grow your business, then this is a great place for you to be.

A real home from home set in an idyllic rural setting in Hampstead Norreys, Good Life Hub has a light and airy feel with the soft homely touches. There is bean to cup coffee, a Happy Larder Tea bar, fruit bowl and cakes, all for you to enjoy as part of the fee. There’s plenty of space outside for a walk around, a bicycle shed if you fancy cycling in and showers to freshen up if you need to. The surrounding orchard is not yet matured but when it is it will be stunning, including a fresh water lake you can swim in.

The Hampstead Norreys Community Shop is a 30 second walk to grab some lunch, a few essentials and there’s even a florist opposite.

It really feels like this place ticks all the boxes with the added bonus of plenty of free parking.

With plenty of options from a permanent desk, flexible membership and a day pass. There is flexibility to use the space in the way that suits you best. Take a more in-depth look here, hope to see you there!

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