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At The Potters Wheel with Pea Pottery

Lily Parkinson is a small batch ceramicist from Henley-on-Thames. All of her ceramics are hand thrown by Lily herself, each one with its own individuality and quirks.

Lily started her pottery business during lock down and she is now full time in her studio selling her collections online and making bespoke items and larger quantities by request.

We have been selling Lily's ceramics from the beginning of our online shop in June 2021 and love everything she makes. We caught up with Lily at her potters wheel.

How did you get into pottery?

I got into pottery after watching countless videos on YouTube and finding them so relaxing and interesting that I had to give it a go. I took one lesson from an Oxfordshire potter and I was hooked. After that lesson I bought my wheel and I taught myself the rest!

Who or what inspires your work most?

I have a couple of potters that inspire me (Tortus and Florian Gadsby). But the ceramicist that is a massive role model to me is Emma Payne. Her ceramic work and knowledge is beautiful and functional.

What are you listening to in the pottery at the moment?

My music in the studio is usually 60s/70s/80s. If I film a video of me and what I am working on, I will always set it to the music that I was listening to during the making. I'm usually singing along to Hall and Oates, Dire Straits, Simon Garfunkel etc.

What's your favourite piece that you have made?

My favourite piece at the moment is a big 40cm wide stoneware bowl. As we talk, it's sitting at 1200 degrees in the kiln on its first firing.

Where are your favourite local hang outs?

I'm always grabbing a coffee from Drifters in Henley totally COVERED in clay.

How do you like to Live Well?

Whenever I can I grab my board and head down to the beach to surf. We live about 4 hours away from some of the best UK surf spots and me and my friends take full advantage of that. When I am home I love to go for cold water swims with friends or walk my dogs. I cherish my family and friends and always make time to have a cup of tea and chat.

What do you have your eye on in store at the moment?

I am currently eyeing up the big papier-mache bowl! It's so hard to leave the shop empty handed!!

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