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Every day is special with Chorus

Chorus is a new small business which strives to bring character and enjoyment back to the dinner table. Founded by Anna MacNicoll, Chorus' concept of creating pieces which can elevate our everyday is completely in line with The Live Well ethos and how we curate our collections, so when I saw the gorgeous napkins I knew I had to stock to them (and obviously buy some for myself!).

Anna encourages us to mix and match our linen as many of the fabrics are 'stock' and the napkins are made with surplus linen which would otherwise go to waste.

We caught up with Anna to find out more about her small business.

Where did the idea for Chorus come from?

I've been wanting to start up a small design company for years, I am pretty nerdy about small business and particularly passionate about Design and Interiors so the idea has always been on my radar. The concept for Chorus is simple, it's a good excuse to pour a lot of attention into a historically 'functional' product and elevate its potential; make it fun and considered, long lasting and crucially - really beautiful! Creating products that we can come back to and re-use over and over which continue to inspire us for years to come.

Sure, napkins can feel like a commodity but the recent trend for hosting, and spending more time within our homes has meant that there is real value in collecting pieces which can elevate our everyday. A small touch that can carry a celebration to Europe, or Summer, or your happiest family gatherings. I think when you really consider the finer details in your home it shows - why not curate a fun and colourful tablescape at home when you next have friends over for dinner? It doesn't have to be involved, just some beautiful candle stocks, napkins and some blooms make such a difference, and it's really fun!

I'm really just trying to design things I think are super special, and hope that other people like them too.

Who or what inspires your napkin designs?

I definitely find restaurants & eating out a huge inspiration - restaurant interiors must be such a fun job to design! A few years ago, I would travel frequently and exploring new countries and cities was the best way to spend any free time - that one is on the back burner for now but all of those experiences continue to feed into my life. I am a bit of a collector of niche objects - plates, bits and pieces of vintage fabric, those inform my ideas for sure. My family are all pretty creative, so much of my inspiration comes from them too.

What are you working on at the moment? I've been busy considering the next selection of fabrics, and exploring new possibilities within the Chorus product collection. It certainly is the very fun bit! You've been living in Oxfordshire, where are your favourite local hang outs? I love the Blue Tin in Ipsden woods on a sunny Saturday, The Goring Grocer.. Green & Gorgeous Flower farm for colour inspiration! Arbequina on the Cowley Road is a top dinner spot (the Negroni's are ace) but my favourite pub in Oxford is the Magdalen Arms.. Hamblin bread just next door is also really great. So many options

How do you like to live well? Since having a baby in 2020, I have certainly made a conscious shift to living as slowly as I can. Everything has become about taking it steady, relishing having no plans and not rushing around - instead trying to fill up free days with excellent company, food and as much coffee as possible! What do you have your eye on in The Live Well shop at the moment? I have been eyeing up some of the larger furniture pieces and looking forward to summer days - the Kawa lounge chairs look ideal for a sunny patio spot..

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