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5 Home Decor Trends for 2022

I am starting the year as I mean to go on with a blog and to kick start us I am summing up a few home decor trends for 2022. So, if you are looking for some ideas, maybe you are renovating, redecorating, or just want to liven up a corner or two, then read on as these might just give you the inspiration you are looking for.

COLOUR | Green

The colour green is where it’s at for 2022 featuring as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin - Williams colour of the year and as one of Farrow and Balls. This calming colour connects us with nature, is restorative and restful, and also happens to be my favourite colour.

You can go deep and enveloping like I have done on the ceiling and cladding of the shop with Obsidian Green from The Little Greene Paint Company or, go for a softer approach like Benjamin Moore's colour of the year, October Mist. Whilst these shades are opposite ends of the spectrum both make a space feel serene, calm, and relaxing.

If painting a whole room in green seems a little too much then accents of green in your textiles, accessories, and plants can bring it in more subtly and have the same effect. Choose items in different shades for a layered look.

SHAPE | Curves

Curves are soft, cocooning and instil a sense of calm so it's no wonder that the trend for curves continues into 2022 when we are still wanting to feel safe.

When choosing furniture why not consider a curved sofa or chair? Transition State Design has expertly embraced the curve in the living room above. Not only does the curve of the sofa scream cosy cool but the ceiling light is a statement and soft at the same time.

Dining table in need of updating? Opt for an oval one over a rectangle, it makes your dining space feel less formal and more practical for bigger gatherings.

For a lighter touch then circular mirrors and lighting can bring in the softness as well as choosing curved pieces in your smaller accessories such as vases.

We are also seeing curves featuring in tiles and textiles, check out the Bert and May Arch Collection in collaboration with Living etc for a great example of this.

VALUES | Sustainable

Sustainability has been a key focus for some time now, for obvious environmental reasons, and if anything the pandemic has made the focus greater as we have had time to reassess what’s important to us.

We are now looking to purchase from more sustainable-minded companies, we want more sustainably produced products where we know the provenance of materials and we are choosing to shop more local.

Our love for vintage and preloved finds is also becoming as strong in homewares as it is in fashion, their patina bringing warmth, texture, and a story all of its own that enhances our spaces. We are also reusing and recycling more than ever, giving pieces a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint, new knobs, and added details.

When decorating, here's a few things to consider;

  • Have a look at what you have already and how you could give it a new lease of life or use it differently.

  • Look in your local charity or antique shop to see if you can pick up some second-hand pieces with a story of their own.

  • When buying new curate a base of furnishings you can use in different rooms, in different ways, and therefore move around the house. That way you will get much more use out of them and they are a better investment.

MOOD | Maximalism

Whilst the last couple of years have left us feeling a pull towards the calm and serene we are also seeing a desire now to break free and be a bit bolder as we learn to live in this new normal and want to push forward.

This desire for the bold is especially true in textiles where we expect to see more print and patterns, fringing and trim details. And with accessories such as lighting where statement pieces can be functional yet playful and eye-catching.

This trend doesn’t mean we are throwing out the neutral hues though, more about adding to it with a pattern, print, a bold accent colour here and there, and being a bit more daring and whimsical. Life has been serious enough right?

So if you are looking for something to lift a room, why not be bold and go for something different. Perhaps a patterned botanical wallpaper to keep you close to nature but pack a punch? A rich rosy rug to add a pop to a neutral room but keep that cosy feel. Want to lift that corner or add some contrast to natural woods, a quirky lamp in citrus colours will do the trick.

STYLE | Mash Up

Gone are the days of just one look, we are now seeing mash-ups of different periods and styles to create a very personalised aesthetic. We only have to look to the newer trend terms like Japandi to re-enforce this, styles are mixing (even if we have to give them a new name of their own so they become a style of their own!) and this is great news as it allows us to develop our style preferences and be guided by our intuition.

So don't be afraid to throw the rulebook out the window and go with what you love. My advice when designing your room, is always start with how you want the room to make you feel and then build from there as that feeling will guide you on every aspect from colour to furniture through to accessories. Don’t worry if you end up with a bit of mid-century mixed with industrial, or rustic and modern. That's the whole point, let your spaces reflect you, you can even give it a style name if you want.

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