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Our Story

The Live Well is an interior, home and lifestyle brand for everyday living. Born out of a desire to live a simpler, slower life, a love of design, and a passion for bringing people together we want to create, and help you create,  moments and spaces to live well.

Our edited shop is a curation of objects for the home and your life, that are beautiful and useful.  We only sell what we love and what we use. We believe in timeless pieces that you can use every day and make you feel good. Its form and function all the way.

In our interior design work we design spaces to help you relax, gather, connect and be inspired. Mixing new with old, muted and earthy with colourful our style is timeless and authentic. We love to help and support you to develop your own aesthetic that you have the confidence to live in and love.

Our hosted events bring you moments to embrace the simple pleasures, where you can be inspired and leave refreshed. Offering escapism, connection and insight.

Susie x

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